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Myohealth Care Clinic is privately owned and run by Ken S.Moothoosamy. 

Ken prides himself on assisting within the community and keeping his skill set current and reflecting best practices. To achieve this Ken enrols in frequent upskill and training sessions and in addition to the MyoHealth Care Clinic in Clyde North; Ken is currently employed by Chiro & More PTY LTD in Beaconsfield and assists local sporting clubs Doveton Football/ Netball club and Keysborough’s Waterlions Swimming Club as the Head Trainer. 

Ken specialises in assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. He is a reputable, highly qualified and passionate myotherapist. Ken’s motivation for assisting clients stems from an enthusiasm and genuine care to improve each individual’s health and well-being. The main core of his client base is built on word of mouth referrals. 

Ken Moothoosamy

Myotherapist (Adv Dip RM)

Dorn Therapy (Adv )

Remedial Massage (RM Dip)

Sport & Exercise Nutritional Advisor ( Dip)

Senior Sports Trainer (SMA)

Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Spinal Manipulation ( Cert)

Swimming Coach ( ASCTA)


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